Are you sure you are doing all you can to prevent the transmission of disease and protect the health of the pet you love?

How To Protect Your Pet From Getting Kennel Cough!

Get in Depth Facts about Kennel Cough including: What It Is, How It Is Transmitted, Symptoms, Duration, Treatment, Vaccinations and How to Minimize Your Pet's Risk and Keep Your Pet Safe From Kennel Cough Infection!

Dear Pet Lover,

My name is Lolly Brown, and I love my pets and want to take the absolute best care of them I can and I am an expert researcher on Kennel Cough and related respiratory diseases of dogs and cats.

So if you are passionate about taking the 'best care' of your dog or cat then, knowing what Kennel Cough is and how to minimize your pet's risk of infection -- will be of vital importance to you. Because you're a conscientious pet owner and want to protect the health of the pet you love!

If you ever want to take your dog to a 'doggy day care' or boarding facility you need to know that if your pet doesn't have a current kennel cough vaccination they won't take your pet.

So why is that?

Because kennel cough is a highly contagious respiratory disease.

The scientific name for kennel cough is 'canine infectious tracheobronchitis'.

Did you know...

  • A dog infected with 'kennel cough' only has to be near other infected dogs and kennel cough can be passed from dog to dog? (or from dog to cat?)

  • An animal infected with Kennel Cough can cause a
    rescue shelter to place this dog or cat on the dreaded
    'too sick to adopt list' and then -- the
    animal is euthanized?

  • All it takes is one infected dog to cause a major outbreak?

  • The infectious agents for kennel cough live in the animal’s airways and become airborne as microscopic water or dust particles so all a dog or cat has to do is cough and the disease can be easily spread -- even to humans?

  • A dog with Kennel Cough can pass the infection to cats, rabbits, pigs and guinea pigs (this occurs only rarely but is possible.)

  • Kennel Cough can be caused by a single bacterial agent like bordatella bronchiseptica, or by a virus like parainfluenza; so even if you get the vaccination your pet can still be susceptible to Kennel Cough?

  • There are veterinary medications to help treat kennel cough as well as natural home remedy treatments you can make at home to help your pet recover?.

  • A pet that recovers from Kennel Cough does not get any immunity against future infections, and recovered dogs with no symptoms may remain contagious for lengthy periods of time!

  • It is almost impossible to prevent your pet getting Kennel Cough but there are many ways to reduce infection and help your pet recover if they do get kennel cough.

Is it Kennel Cough?

If you are wondering if the cough your pet has is 'Kennel Cough' or not or maybe it could be 'Distemper' or some other respiratory disease -- don't wait!

Scroll to the bottom of this page immediately and get this book right now -- "Kennel Cough, Facts & Information" and find out what you need to know to take care of the health of your pet!

Because... Your pet's life may depend on it!

But first you need to know the real horrible truth behind how homeless pets are dealt with when they get the dreaded
disease called 'Kennel Cough'!

FACT: The high cost of veterinary care is causing many shelters to euthanize dogs and cats unnecessarily.

Rescue and Animal Shelters are doing their best to relocate as many homeless pets as they can, but with limited funds they have to make tough decisions about which pets live and which pets die.

FACT: This is a sad fact:

"Annually shelters and rescue centers are euthanizing of 6-8 million shelter dogs.“

Because no one wants to adopt a sick dog, rescue and shelter personnel are faced with treating an infected animal for weeks and most facilities opt to tragically 'solve' the problem by euthanizing the animal.

This is especially inhumane...

Because kennel cough can resolve on its own in under two weeks and the animal may recover.

But the animal is contagious for much longer and most facilities can't afford to treat or keep a dog or cat until they can recover nor do they have adequate space to keep them separate from other animals to avoid spreading this highly contagious disease.

At what age can my dog get kennel cough?

Puppies age 6 weeks to 6 months are particularly vulnerable, but a dog of any age can come down with this respiratory illness.

Are you wondering just how contagious Kennel Cough is?

Pet owners should take precautions...

You want to be sure and maintain safe health care practices to prevent your pets from coming in contact with other dogs and cats. This is to help reduce the possibility of transmission and risk for contracting Kennel Cough and related diseases.

As a pet owner you want to be responsible and do all you can to avoid infection and transmission of diseases when boarding out or taking a pet to a 'pet sitter'. But even making sure you take your pet to the 'cleanest boarding facility' many not help as this disease is wide spread and very contagious.

Even something as simple as taking your dog for a walk and your dog meeting other dogs and cats on the street can cause a transmission of the disease.

Because if the other dog or cat was infected; that dog or cat may look healthy now and (are recovered) -- they can still transmit the disease to other healthy dogs and cats for weeks after all symptoms have disappeared!

So even if the dog or cat you see on your walk with your pet seems healthy, it doesn't mean you should let your dog or cat near them!

So how serious is Kennel Cough?

What I am going to discuss on this page are the differences in popular perception. You should know that Kennel Cough is not a 'death sentence' for a pet but neither is it something you should shrug off as 'nothing to worry about'!

The truth is somewhere in the middle, where you need to be observant and take the proper precautions to do all you can to avoid your pet getting it.

This is especially true if your pet is very young, or old or is in any way not healthy. Those pets suffer more when they get Kennel Cough and it can lead to serious complications with bacterial infections -- and even death!

What is the difference between kennel cough and distemper?

Distemper and kennel cough are NOT the same condition.

Dogs with kennel cough have a discharge from the eyes or nose it tends to be clear and watery.

If you suspected a dog has a case of distemper, the aid of a veterinarian must be sought immediately as this is a deadly disease.

Puppies and adolescent dogs that have not yet been vaccinated are the most vulnerable to distemper.

** IMPORTANT** If your dog is sneezing and coughing, and if a discolored, thick discharge is present, immediately take the animal to a veterinarian. Only a qualified vet can determine the true nature of the animal’s illness and prescribe the proper treatment.

I want to help you to understand what you need to know about kennel cough to safeguard your pet's health...

Because I wanted to protect my own pets, I searched for many hours for information on kennel cough, distemper, and related infectious respiratory diseases I finally decided that there was a definite need for a comprehensive book all about kennel cough that covered this dreaded disease from A to Z.

With that thought in mind, I created this brand new book, called "Kennel Cough, Facts & Information"...


Specifically everything you want to know about
Kennel Cough in Pets including Bordetella, Canine Parainfluenza, vaccine, symptoms, diagnosing, duration, treatment, relief and more!

Here's a sneak peak at what is inside the book!

I cover all aspects of kennel cough and related ailments including:

As you can see from the list above, this well researched book is full of
up-to-date information, with sound research and advice
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And I have included special in home care tips with homemade remedies to reducing coughing and speed healing if your pet does come down with Kennel Cough!

This book is written in exacting detail, including tips on the complications of Kennel Cough as well as veterinary treatment, types and average costs of treatments with long term care.

Plus, I have included the recipes to home made remedies to help reduce coughing and speed recovery!

Any pet owner who is passionate about taking the very best care of their pet's health that they can will be very pleased with the comprehensive content included in this book.

You get everything you need to know, including ways to help prevent your pet from contracting the disease -- so you can keep the pet you love healthy and happy!

When you buy the book and read it you know the truth about Kennel Cough and related respiratory diseases... Then, you will be armed with the proper knowledge to help you be the best pet owner you can be!

I'm sure you will agree after reading this far, that it only makes sense if you are looking for information on kennel cough, care, treatment and prevention that this book is exactly what you need.

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Because, your time is more valuable and better spent enjoying your pet!

Don't wait for your pet to get kennel cough...

Because then you will feel the fear of running into problems with trying to figure out if that cough your dog or cat has... Is kennel cough or something even more serious?

If the cough becomes even more serious - then it may be too late! (And serious complications like pneumonia may have set in, and it can kill your pet!)

Because most pet owners need this critical information right now, I have priced this super low so that you can get the information you need in just minutes from how!

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Remember, I wouldn't have spend the time and effort of creating this book and writing this letter to you if I didn't think it would give you everything you need to safeguard and protect the health of your pet.

I use what is inside this book it to protect the health of my own pets!

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I'm sure you are a conscientious pet owner and want to do all you can to take the proper care of your pet to avoid unnecessary problems, health risks and veterinary expenses with Kennel Cough!

Find Out Everything You Need To Know To Safeguard the Health Of The Pet You Love!

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Get Ready to Protect
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Find out how to take the best care you can of your pet and safeguard not only their health but avoid high veterinary bills too!

Lolly Brown

Animal Wellness Advocate

P.S. Once you order the book you will feel relief after you read it because you will know the right things to do to safeguard your pet's health and avoid expensive veterinary costs! Get your copy right now!


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